"WATCH.SWISS JAPAN" will be exhibited in Miyazaki

Promotion Event of Swiss Watch Industry WATCH.SWISS JAPAN”  
Exhibit at 
Hidaka Honten ProShop, Miyazaki City between May 3rd and 9th, 2021

The promotional event tool produced by Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH entitled “WATCH.SWISS JAPAN” goes on exhibiting in the watch fair, “Watch Wonderland 2021”, is held at Hidaka Honten ProShop in Miyazaki City for the second show in 2021.

In this exhibition, the guests can learn about Switzerland and Swiss Watches (Swiss Made, History, Design, Manufacture, Precision, Complication watch) by touching the iPads installed in the equipment. In addition, the touchscreen desk called “Workbench” that allows you to experience assembling a watch movement in digital. We wish you enjoy the attractive and wonderful Swiss Watch World!

WATCH.SWISS JAPAN in Hidaka Honten Proshop, Miyazaki
Monday, May 3rd – Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Hidaka Honten ProShop "WATCH WONDERLAND 2021" 
3-4-6, Tachibana Dori Higashi, Miyazaki City
TEL 0985-26-1102
Business hours Mon.~Thu. 10:30~19:00、Sat. 10:30~20:00、Sun. 10:30~16:00

Nominal Support: Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, Japan Watch Importers’ Association

watch.swiss Official websiteFacebookInstagram

Contact: Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH Tokyo Center  
TEL:03-3221-9678 FAX:03-6272-9678
E-mail:info@fhs.jp Website:http://www.fhs.jp

April 28, 2021