Revue FH

The Revue FH is the informative watch industry magazine published fortnightly by our Federation. It contains numerous articles on the work and activities of the FH, up-to-the-minute news about brands and new products, as well as a wide variety of subjects linked to the watch industry. All articles are published in French and English.

In the 12/2022 edition of 08.09.2022:

Switzerland could face a possible energy shortage this winter

Switzerland, like Europe in general, is at risk of an energy shortage this winter. This could occur in terms of electricity as well as gas. Whether in the watch industry or other sectors, all companies could be affected. The FH is closely monitoring the issue.

Breguet continues its links with the arts

Cultivating close ties with the art world since its very origins, the watch Maison has inspired many creators and writers. It has consistently perpetuated this link by associating itself with the Louvre, the Teatro Real, Carnegie Hall and recently with Frieze, the global platform for modern and contemporary art.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Twenty: a journey through time

In just two decades of watchmaking, Louis Vuitton has proven its deep passion for watchmaking, and has made quite a name for itself within the industry. In 2002, the Maison unveiled a watch like none other: the Tambour. Bold and innovative, it is recognisable at first glance. A new icon was born.