Watch Art Grand Exhibition (Tokyo 2023)

Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition (Tokyo 2023) in June

Patek Philippe has decided to hold the Watch Art Grand Exhibition in Tokyo from June 10th to 25th, 2023. One of the largest exhibitions ever, approximately 500 selected timepieces will be displayed at the venue, including 190 timepices from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva being transported and displayed.  

Patek Philippe has presented its passion for watchmaking though the exhibitions in Dubai (2012), Munich (2013), London (2015) and New York (2017) and Singapore (2019). This time, the 6th exhibitions will be hold in Japan at Sumitomo triangle square, close by Shinjuku station. In a space full of natural light, not only the flower clock but also the streets of Geneva, the shores of Lake Geneva will be created. 

Divided into ten themed areas, including the pendant watch presented to Queen Victoria as well as the Caliber 89, first ultra-complicated timepiece in the Great Exhibition 1851. New limited editions will also be announced.  

Location: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building “Sankaku Biru” (triangular building)
Date: June 10th (Sat) to June 25th (Sun), 2023

Contact: Patek Philippe Japan Information Center

June 15, 2023