Revue FH

《Revue FH》是本聯會每兩星期出版一次的資訊性鐘錶業雜誌。當中載有有關瑞士鐘錶工業聯合會的工作及活動的文章、品牌及新產品的最新資訊,以及有關鐘錶業的不同專題文章。所有文章均以法文及英文刊登。

In the 06/2021 edition of 08.04.2021:

Swiss watch exports in February

Swiss watch exports enjoyed a favourable base effect in February and continued to recover whilst also benefiting from a stark recovery in the United States But they still have not returned to a growth trend due to the marked differences between the various markets.

Zenith: a new collaboration with Felipe Pantone

A global sensation in the world of contemporary art, Felipe Pantone has reached his star in becoming one of the brightest talents in this domain. The artist has reimagined brand’s most advanced chronograph to date, created an object that is at once a feat watchmaking prowess and a piece of wearable kinetic art.

The HM9 Sapphire Vision reveals itself from every angle

Housed in a transparent sapphire glass shell, the HM9 Sapphire Vision appears to come from a dimension eager for new discoveries. Fascinating, profoundly ingenious and intriguing, it takes us into a world where mechanical complexity can be admired from every angle.