Revue FH

Revue FH は、当協会が隔週発行する時計業界誌です。FHの仕事や活動、ブランドや新製品に関する最新ニュース、さらに時計業界に関連する幅広いテーマを取り上げた多くの記事を掲載。すべての記事はフランス語と英語で発行されます。

In the 12/2018 edition of 12.07.2018:

FH General Meeting in Schaffhausen

FH exceptionally held its customary General Meeting in Schaffhausen this year. An opportunity to take a look at economic trends, Swiss exports and the wealth of activity undertaken by the Federation during 2017, Mario El-Khoury, CEO, CSEM, wrapped up the annual event by presenting a topical theme: industry 4.0.

Van Cleef & Arpels: the Alhambra celebrates luck since 1968

Created by Van Cleef & Arpels in 1968, in keeping with its tradition of excellence and savoir-faire, the Alhambra long necklace captured the spirit of the age and introduced new ways of wearing jewels in everyday life. Fifty years later, it stands as a reference that has profoundly influenced the history of jewelry.

Altiplano Ultimate Concept: 2 mm of exceptional horology

Firmly embedded in Piaget’s DNA, the quest for slimness has guided the Manufacture in achieving major technical feats over the past 60 years. Presented at the SIHH 2018, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept distils an impressive range of skills in this area, since this standout model measures a mere 2mm thick.