Revue FH

Revue FH は、当協会が隔週発行する時計業界誌です。FHの仕事や活動、ブランドや新製品に関する最新ニュース、さらに時計業界に関連する幅広いテーマを取り上げた多くの記事を掲載。すべての記事はフランス語と英語で発行されます。

In the 14/2018 edition of 13.09.2018:

Mexico: the fight against counterfeiting intensifies

The cooperation agreement signed in 2016 between the FH and the Mexican Public Prosecutor's Office has resulted in a first concrete measure: the organisation of a training seminar for federal agents under the aegis of the Swiss Embassy.

IWC inaugurates a new ultra-modern production plant

For its 150th anniversary, the Schaffhausen-based brand treated itself to a 13,500 sqm building, involving a CHF 42 million investment, the highest expenditure of the past ten years. Around 240 jobs have been transferred or created there.

Jaquet Droz: an automaton to celebrate 280 years of existence

The one-of-a-kind Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch boasts the distinction of regrouping within a single pocket watch the entire range of professions exercised by Jaquet Droz, including watchmaking skills and artistic crafts.